Working method

The paintings are painted on linen and cotton.
No palette was used, but the oil paint was applied directly from the tube to the canvas.
The stakes are to create beautiful colors without a hint of pollution.
The subjects of the paintings are diverse.
Because of the handwriting and the choice of colors, the work has a personal atmosphere.
Brush strokes in these paintings are important, it must remain paint.
Only oil paint with good tinting power is used on the canvas where the structure of the canvas influences the working method.
The paint is not applied diluted.
Usually three layers are painted on the canvas in such a way that the undercoats contribute to the final result.
The paintings are not painted to reality but they are created with drawings, notes and experimentation.
Seen from a distance and close up, the paintings do not deviate.

Conditions for a good painting are for him::

  • a lively subject;
  • bright use of color, but not loud;
  • the depiction should not be depicted loudly;
  • beauty of simplicity;
  • balanced composition;
  • space in the representation;
  • some alienation;
  • an own handwriting;
  • visible brushstrokes and paint without hint and pollution.

The paintings depict an image of the past 40 years.


Even a brilliant artist does not always make good work.
Familiarity with the artist determines the price but not the quality.
If a lot has been written about an artist and the price has risen sufficiently, chances are that the work will end up in a museum after 50 years.
Many art lovers are deprived of a lot of beauty because art collectors in particular buy contemporary work with insight and can enjoy it on a daily basis.